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Leadership Assessment Details

The interview portion of the leadership assessment is your opportunity to share your background, education and experience in a one-on-one conversation with one of our business psychologists. We encourage you to be frank and candid in your responses! During our conversation we will ask you about:

  • Yourself and how you work with others
  • Your education experience (i.e., favorite subjects, degrees earned, GPA, etc.)
  • Your employment history (including jobs held, promotions, salary history, dates, reasons for changing employers, etc.)
  • What you like and dislike about your work
  • How you approach problem solving
  • Your work habits
  • Your interpersonal and managerial styles
  • Your accomplishments, strengths and weaknesses
  • Your career goals and aspirations


Ask the Assessment Coordinator that you are working with for specific instructions on what will be covered during your assessment as the process varies by client.

Some assessments include testing.  Test activities may include timed tests of logic, numerical reasoning, verbal skills and creative problem solving as well as untimed opinion questionnaires. A trained administrator will provide instructions prior to taking each test.

Timed tests that provide normative data are used in the assessment. Untimed opinion questionnaires provide insight into your work habits, style of working with others and your leadership characteristics.

Preparing for tests is not required. If you choose to, however, a review of basic arithmetic functions, including fractions, decimals and percentages may prove beneficial. Because strong performance requires a balance of both speed and accuracy, you may want to take some timed practice tests involving quantitative problem-solving. You may find the following helpful, should you choose to do some preparation:

     Strategies and Preparation
     Kesselman-Turkel, J. & Peterson, F. (1981). Test-Taking Strategies. Chicago, IL:
     NTC/Contemporary Publishing Group, Inc.

     Assessment and Aptitude Test Training

     Immergut, B., & Smith, J.B. (2005). Arithmetic and Algebra … Again. New York:
     McGraw-Hill Companies.
     (The first six chapters of the math book apply if a math test is given.)


Scheduled to take an assessment?
  • What to expect
  • Logistics
  • Preparing for your assessment
  • How to find us
As your partner in a successful assessment experience, we've assembled valuable resources to help you feel prepared and confident.