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For Assessment Participants – What To Expect

Congratulations! If you are scheduled for an assessment, that means someone sees potential in you and wants to learn more about your skills, values, abilities and personal attributes.

Whether you are a candidate for hire or promotion, a developing leader or an individual seeking career growth, an assessment will provide invaluable professional insights.

Assessments at HM&M

About HM&M

Location and how to find us

Assessment interview and testing details

Combining interviews and testing for better understanding
HM&M assessments go beyond test scores to provide accurate insights about a person’s skills, abilities and personal attributes. During your two-part assessment, you will meet with a business psychologist to discuss your academic and work history as well as your personal style and interests. You may also be asked to complete some online questionnaires and/or paper and pencil tests. The entire experience will last about three or four hours. All tests and interview procedures are designed in accordance with the professional standards of the American Psychological Association. Learn more about the assessment interview and testing.

What to bring
Bring your resume or fact sheet with dates of all employment after high school. All testing materials will be provided. Calculators, dictionaries or other aids are not needed.

How to dress
We suggest business casual.

Arranging for special needs
Advise us of any questions or special needs you may have, either by phone at (414) 271-6220 or email.

Should I be nervous?
A little anxiety prior to the assessment session is normal and can actually help motivate you and focus your efforts. Approach the paperwork and interview with confidence. Consider it an opportunity to demonstrate your skills and abilities.

When to arrive
Try to arrive at our office 10-15 minutes before your assessment. This will give you time to settle in and help you relax, remain calm, and concentrate on doing your best.

When English is not your native language 
We work with many international clients. We adjust our testing and, if necessary, can arrange for translators and interpreters to assist with testing and interviewing. Please let us know as soon as possible if you have language needs and we will make arrangements for you.

Assessment results
After the assessment, a written or verbal report is prepared and delivered to the organization that scheduled your assessment. It will summarize the results of your tests and interview responses. This report is treated as highly confidential.

Nearby hotels
The heart of Milwaukee’s downtown has numerous hotels — most with great restaurants. Learn more about nearby hotels.

About Milwaukee
Milwaukee is a charming “old world” city where history comes to life. The city is located on the western shore of Lake Michigan and is well known for its friendly people, great restaurants and cultural sites. It is also the home of Harley-Davidson, the Brewers and the Milwaukee Art Museum’s Quadracci Pavilion, the first Santiago Calatrava-designed building in the United States. Tips for food and drink: Milwaukee is known for its German food, micro breweries and frozen custard. Enjoy!

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