Leadership Assessments for High-Value Hires

Predict Your New Leader’s Future

It’s impossible to predict the future, but we can get pretty close. After performing more than 10,000 leadership assessments over the last decade on senior level professionals ranging from supervisors to C-suite candidates, we can safely say the insights provided by HMM verify candidate abilities, provide detail about leadership style and accurately predict the success of your hires.

Whether or not your candidate can lead isn’t necessarily the question, it’s how they are going to lead your company or organization. Is this candidate motivated to succeed? Do they have the emotional intelligence, personality and capacity to lead? Will they enhance your established corporate culture? Our assessments answer these questions and more – thoroughly, accurately, confidentially and quickly.

Benefits of Using HMM

  • Business Psychology Expertise
  • Extensive Interviewing Experience
  • Quick Turnaround

  • Accurate Testing Results

  • Refined Analytical Process
  • In-Person and Remote Assessments

We Offer 3 Types of Assessments:


Comprehensive testing and one-on-one interviews, plus a full written report with recommendations. Recommended for C-Suite and other leadership roles.



Simplified assessment with testing and interviews for a condensed written report. Typically used for entry-level professional and technician positions.


Test Score

Comprehensive and timely aptitude and personality testing with written report of scores. A cost-effective, expedited hiring support solution.


Comprehensive Assessments

Our most thorough testing option available, these assessments combine proven one-on-one interviewing techniques with validated testing methods to provide an accurate portrait of professional candidate capabilities – including C-suite candidates.

Conducted by one of our experienced business psychologists, our comprehensive assessment will quickly provide you with a straightforward written report detailing your candidates’ core competencies, leadership capabilities, ability to meet the challenges of the position and more.


Key Components

  • Assessment Conducted In-Person or Remotely by Business Psychologist
  • Assessment Includes Written Testing and One-On-One Interviews

  • Results Provided as Written and Verbal Reports

  • Quick Turnaround is Available to Avoid Stalling the Hiring Process

  • Confidential and Precise

Streamlined Assessments

Designed specifically to test for entry-level professional and technician candidates, HMM Streamlined Assessments include the same interviewing and testing as our comprehensive assessments but provide a condensed written report.

Accurate, fast and confidential, these reports are not as robust as our comprehensive statements, but they still include all of the necessary information you need to make a strong hire that will benefit your company for years to come.


Key Components

  • Includes Written Tests and Interviews
  • In-Person or Remote Testing Via Phone or Web Conference

  • Condensed, Easy-to-Use Written Report

  • Recommended for Entry Level Professional Positions

  • All Testing Led by Business Psychologist

Test Score Summary

While we usually recommend assessments with an interview component for C-suite and entry-level professional positions, you can still learn a lot about a candidate from testing alone. Our comprehensive aptitude and personality tests can be conducted via traditional paper tests or online questionnaires.

All tests are designed in accordance with the professional standards of the American Psychological Association. Results from these tests are reviewed by our business psychologists and you are provided with a written summary and recommendations.


Key Components

  • Quick and Accurate Testing and Results

  • Aptitude and Personality Testing Available

  • Tests Scored by Business Psychologists

  • Excellent Solution When Time is a Factor

Who We Help

We serve more than 300 clients, ranging from boutique businesses to large organizations with a global reach, across multiple industries including financial, manufacturing, utilities, insurance, education and more.


What Our Clients Have to Say

"With the demands on today's leaders, it is perhaps five percent of their job to assess and hire new staff. Assessing candidates is 100 percent of what we do. Our depth of experience is why our clients look to us for assistance."
"With HMM...we were running assessments through a hiring process that was near bullet-proof...huge decreases in turnover at the executive level."
"HMM assessments are the cheapest insurance policy you're going to get when it comes to hiring top-level people... It becomes expensive to take a high level person out of your business."
"Working with HMM is easy. The longevity of the relationship means they know the company and they know me when I call."
"Hiring leadership without HMM is a huge mistake. They learned more about our candidate in one hour than we could have learned in four months!"

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