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HMM Launches Mini-Webinar Series

HMM, the Milwaukee-based business psychology firm, is launching a series of mini-webisodes designed to provide business leaders with valuable insights on hiring, business leadership, leadership assessments and more – all in 7 minutes or less. As experienced business psychologists, the HMM team is in a unique position to provide the sound advice and insightful perspective needed for companies to build, coach and develop your leadership team and other high-value positions. This series of short seminars is a way to [...]

Is now a good time to make a strategic leadership hire?

This global pandemic has caused a lot of businesses to re-evaluate operations – from how they market their products or services to supply chain diversification, updating sales forecasts, redefining worker roles and more. However, many are failing to consider how this might be a good time to make a strategic leadership hire. What is a Strategic Hire? Every company, large or small, has a definitive goal: grow market share, expand into another territory, introduce a new product line, or [...]

Organizational Coaching – Helping You Develop Strategies for a Strong Return

Is your company built to survive the Coronavirus Crisis? After the safety and well-being of your staff, customers, and community, this should be your top concern during these complicated times. If you had to think about how you would answer that question, even for just a moment, your answer is probably, “no.” And, while you are probably immediately fixated on the fear that answer elicits, you should really shift your focus to this question: “Why not?” Chances are, whatever [...]

Remote Assessments: HMM Offers No-Contact Leadership Assessments

COVID-19 may be changing the way we do things, but it is having little effect on what things still need to get done – especially when it comes to choosing the right leadership for your company. It would be an understatement to say these are challenging times. Workers now more than ever are looking for guidance from their leaders. After all, these people will make hard decisions, provide a confident vision and develop strategies to meet these new challenges [...]

COVID-19: How HMM Is Responding

We are in the midst of a global pandemic like the world has never seen. Nothing is more important than your health and safety, and the need to protect those most vulnerable to the coronavirus. The current and future strength of your business is also vital. While HMM is committed to providing reliable access to the Leadership Assessments, Organizational Coaching and Professional Development you count on, we are working on ways to provide these services that align with the [...]

How to Select the Best Coach for Your Organization

Criteria for Selection of an Executive Coach The field of executive coaching has few barriers to entry, and it has seen an influx of service professionals marketing themselves as executive “coaches.” This surge of providers has led to tremendous variability in credentialing, assessment techniques, scope, length, quality of service, and expected outcomes. As a result, organizations seeking executive coaching services are confronted with complexity and confusion when selecting a coach. To help organizations make well-informed decisions on executive coaching [...]

What Our Clients Have to Say

"With the demands on today's leaders, it is perhaps five percent of their job to assess and hire new staff. Assessing candidates is 100 percent of what we do. Our depth of experience is why our clients look to us for assistance."
"With HMM...we were running assessments through a hiring process that was near bullet-proof...huge decreases in turnover at the executive level."
"HMM assessments are the cheapest insurance policy you're going to get when it comes to hiring top-level people... It becomes expensive to take a high level person out of your business."
"Working with HMM is easy. The longevity of the relationship means they know the company and they know me when I call."
"Hiring leadership without HMM is a huge mistake. They learned more about our candidate in one hour than we could have learned in four months!"
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