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Motivated. Streamlined. Goal- and Growth-Focused. Ideally, these are the principles you want your corporate culture to embrace and promote – to have all employees from C-Suite to Street Team eat, sleep, dream and breathe these very values. But this is point “C,” and your company is at point “A.” How are you planning to achieve this?

HMM works with you to perform a deep dive into your corporate culture and discover things that need improvement. From identifying and adopting new business methodology to relationship management, team building, succession planning and more, we can help optimize your operations and put you on a course for growth.


Benefits of Using HMM

  • Behavior Science Expertise
  • Organizational Development Experience
  • Thorough, Confidential Discussions
  • Quick Analysis, Accurate Insights
  • Refined Analytical Process
  • Specialists in Conflict Resolution & Team Building

Areas of Expertise:


Working with company leaders to define mission, determine measurable objectives and develop strategies to cultivate the people needed to support company success.

Family Business

With unique understanding of the practicality of business and the emotional pulls of family relationships, HMM experts can clarify, prevent and resolve potentially complex issues.


With the goal of fostering focus, cooperation, communication and problem-solving, our exercises teach and reinforce skills that build strong work relations and organizational effectiveness.


Highly experienced in Talent Management, Succession Planning and CEO Succession Planning, HMM develops and implements processes to establish and maintain strong future leadership.


Determined to find the root of internal conflicts, we create and implement strategies to strengthen relationships through better communication, empathy and mutual goals.

Culture Assessment/
Merger Planning

Corporate culture is the driving force of every business. HMM will work with leadership – present or future – to determine if it is the right course of action to meet or exceed your goals.

Who We Help

We serve more than 300 clients, ranging from boutique businesses to large organizations with a global reach, across multiple industries including financial, manufacturing, utilities, insurance, education and more.


What Our Clients Have to Say

"With the demands on today's leaders, it is perhaps five percent of their job to assess and hire new staff. Assessing candidates is 100 percent of what we do. Our depth of experience is why our clients look to us for assistance."
"With HMM...we were running assessments through a hiring process that was near bullet-proof...huge decreases in turnover at the executive level."
"HMM assessments are the cheapest insurance policy you're going to get when it comes to hiring top-level people... It becomes expensive to take a high level person out of your business."
"Working with HMM is easy. The longevity of the relationship means they know the company and they know me when I call."
"Hiring leadership without HMM is a huge mistake. They learned more about our candidate in one hour than we could have learned in four months!"

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