HMM, the Milwaukee-based business psychology firm, is launching a series of mini-webisodes designed to provide business leaders with valuable insights on hiring, business leadership, leadership assessments and more – all in 7 minutes or less.

As experienced business psychologists, the HMM team is in a unique position to provide the sound advice and insightful perspective needed for companies to build, coach and develop your leadership team and other high-value positions. This series of short seminars is a way to share some of that knowledge by highlighting common leadership and hiring issues in an easily digestible format.

The inaugural episode is on the Cost of a Bad Leadership Hire. In it, business psychologist Tony Wendorf, Psy.D., uses real-life examples to show the short- and long-term negative effects a bad hire could have on your company, potential signs of a poor leadership candidate, and ways to avoid making a wrong hiring move for you company.

Additional episodes will follow in the coming weeks. If you have any questions about HMM or would like more information on an in-person or leadership assessment, contact us today.

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