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High Potential Employees: The Risk of Not Investing

Many times in business we are challenged to think in terms of ROI: Return On Investment. However, thanks to Bennington and Laffoley (2012) there is another "ROI" that plays a major role in our decisions when it comes to the development and retention of our most valuable asset: people. That "ROI" is Risk Of (not) Investing. Less than ten percent of all organizations regularly evaluate the value of their Learning and Development efforts. Even so, more HR departments than [...]

HMM Solutions for Clients

HMM is a partnership of business psychologists who are catalysts for making sound people decisions that support business needs and culture, save time and money, and drive success. How can we help you with questions like these and more? Give us a call today or contact us online for more information.   Client questions, HMM solutions A specific need brings clients to HMM initially, but since our services build on one another, solutions to other situations are readily available [...]

What Our Clients Have to Say

"With the demands on today's leaders, it is perhaps five percent of their job to assess and hire new staff. Assessing candidates is 100 percent of what we do. Our depth of experience is why our clients look to us for assistance."
"With HMM...we were running assessments through a hiring process that was near bullet-proof...huge decreases in turnover at the executive level."
"HMM assessments are the cheapest insurance policy you're going to get when it comes to hiring top-level people... It becomes expensive to take a high level person out of your business."
"Working with HMM is easy. The longevity of the relationship means they know the company and they know me when I call."
"Hiring leadership without HMM is a huge mistake. They learned more about our candidate in one hour than we could have learned in four months!"
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