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HM&M assessments evaluate an individual’s problem-solving abilities and analytical business thinking, motivation, emotional intelligence, personality, leadership capacity and cultural fit. We use a combination of validated testing methods and proven interviewing techniques to produce verified recommendations clients trust.

HM&M specializes in assessments for senior level professionals, especially C-Suite individuals. Having conducted more than 9000 assessments in the last 10 years, our normative data — coupled with extensive experience — offers clients keen insights about people being considered for pivotal positions.

Multiple validation methods are used to verify assessment results. The customized assessments are predictive of success both within a specified role and within organizational culture. Timely, straightforward reports with recommendations provide detail about competencies, drive and work style.

Our flexible format can accommodate remote testing, videoconferencing and telephone interviews, saving travel time and expense. Options for full assessments, streamlined reporting and test-scores-summaries fit every organization’s needs and budget. Multinational web-based assessments are also available.

Give us a call or use our online inquiry form to learn more about putting HM&M’s highly predictive assessments to work for you.

Assessment types

Hiring and Promotion Assessments Provide objective, expert evaluation of talent for hire or promotion for leadership roles in the organization. Assessments take the guess-work out of selecting and retaining high-caliber talent that is crucial to business success.

Succession Planning – Fosters selection and development of leaders who will carry the organization’s vision forward. Assessment tools are combined with individualized growth plans to strategically prepare future leaders for ongoing development and enhanced effectiveness. Through strategic succession planning, thriving organizations build momentum for future growth by smoothing major leadership transitions.

Leadership Development – Provides leaders with objective, assessment-based feedback and coaching to effectively identify, develop and hone skills needed for personal and organizational success. Maximizing the talents of valued leaders builds on people investments and optimizes organizational success without disruptive and expensive leadership changes. Assessment results coupled with one-on-one feedback provide a road map that guides leaders as they prepare for higher level responsibilities or correct undesirable work behaviors.

Assessment options

To meet each company’s needs and budget, HM&M offers several levels of assessments.

  • Full Assessment – Comprehensive testing and one-on-one interviews, plus a full written report with recommendations.
  • Streamlined Assessment – Same comprehensive testing and interview as a full assessment, but with a condensed written report typically used for entry-level professional positions.
  • Test Score Summary – Comprehensive aptitude and personality testing with written report of test scores.
Assessment reports are typically available the next day; verbal reports can be available same day upon request. Contact us to learn more.