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Forensic Services And Fitness For Duty Evaluations

HM&M offers a wide range of consulting services for civil proceedings, from preliminary case assessment through courtroom testimony. Fitness for duty evaluations provide predictive insights into how well individuals can perform in high-stress, critical thinking roles.

Forensic services

Clients can confidently approach challenging situations by involving HM&M experts to provide testimony for personal injury, evaluate business practices, and prepare depositions and trial agendas in the areas of hypotheticals, Q&A and strategy. Forensic services are offered in support of attorneys and organizations involved in legal cases requiring psychological evaluations related to work issues.

Fitness for duty evaluations

Predicting high performance under stress is critical when considering leaders in law enforcement, crisis control and other areas where exceptional judgment and behavior are as essential to success as professional adeptness.

Based on organization- and role-specific responsibilities, HM&M experts will objectively assess individuals to determine their capacity to accurately perceive situations, respond appropriately and exhibit self control in stressful circumstances. Discretion, emotional maturity, critical decision making, ability to handle stress and other factors are measured.

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