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Organizational Consulting

HM&M business psychologists work with company leaders to apply behavioral science know-how to organizational challenges, offering objective, expert insights and recommendations aimed at maximizing human performance and business potential.

Areas of consulting expertise

Organizational Development – Working with company leaders to define mission, determine measurable objectives and develop strategies to cultivate the people needed to support company success.

Family Business Alignment – Advising leaders managing the dual challenges of operating a business for success and understanding and strengthening family relationships. With unique understanding of the practicality of business and the emotional pulls of family relationships, HM&M experts can clarify, prevent and resolve potentially complex issues.

Team Building – Working with entire organizations or with smaller groups to foster focus, cooperation, communication and problem-solving skills that build strong work relations and organizational effectiveness. Business team coaching tools may include individual and group evaluations, 360-degree feedback and group facilitation.

Succession Planning – Developing and implementing processes to ensure adequate leadership resources for the future. Learn more about HH&M’s experience in Talent Management and Succession Planning and CEO Succession Planning.

Conflict Resolution – Resolving obstacles to productive communication among key company leaders or business units to prompt individual growth and cooperation with peers and direct reports.

Cultural Assessment/Merger-Acquisition Planning – Assessing the values, management style, goals and other aspects of an organization to determine readiness for change and plan transitions, especially to determine cultural considerations among organizations to be blended in some manner.

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