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We help businesses succeed by maximizing human potential through expert, insightful and timely leadership assessment and consultation.

In any business, success hinges on your people. Choosing and developing talent and leadership, optimizing their contribution to organizational goals and making sure all are working together is critical. HM&M is your partner in making sure these essential business elements do not go overlooked.

Whether you are considering using HM&M to maximize efforts as a new or current client or to gain insights as an assessment participant, we are eager to help you find the solutions you need. Call us to discuss your challenges or use our online inquiry form to learn more about HM&M solutions.

When should I involve a business psychologist?

Many business challenges and opportunities prompt a call to HM&M. Here are just a few typical scenarios:

“I like this candidate, but I want to send her to HM&M just to be sure my instinct is correct.”

I’m too busy for ’get-to-know-you’ first interviews. I only want top candidates in front of me who have been screened and fit our criteria.”

“I have a finance director who could be our next CFO someday. How do I coach this person to develop C-suite leadership skills?”

“I’ve got three great finalists for this position. Which candidate is best for our company?”

How do I determine who my ‘A’ players are within the organization so I can fast-track the emerging leaders?”

“I need tools I can trust to predict a leader’s potential when making crucial promotion or structure decisions.”

“I need someone who understands sibling dynamics to give us strategies for keeping family relationships and the bottom line strong.”

“I need ideas for boosting productivity and realigning the way we work to take advantage of new market opportunities.”

“I’m thinking about shifting my career direction. Do I have the skills, interests, values and personality to succeed in the new role I’m considering?”

Rick knows our company really well. He can recognize a gap or an edge that a manager might not see. He can anticipate different aspects of a candidate and their needs.