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About Us – Humber, Mundie & McClary

Humber, Mundie & McClary (HM&M) is a partnership of doctoral, licensed psychologists with expertise in business. Our services provide clients the insight needed for making sound people-decisions that support organizational needs and culture, save time and money, and drive success.

Business psychologists focused on your success

Humber, Mundie & McClary offers comprehensive talent assessment and testing, leadership development, organizational consulting, forensic services and other talent management and industrial psychology services.

Trusted for our experience and capability to distinguish top talent and promising candidates, HM&M’s highly experienced partners combine business and psychological expertise to extend beyond test scores to predict an individual’s success. We have conducted more than 9000 assessments in the last 10 years alone.

Founded in 1952, we have earned our reputation for assessment insights and responsiveness to clients.

We offer our in-depth assessments worldwide to candidates via communication technologies such as videoconferencing, online testing and test translations in Spanish, French, Italian and Chinese. We also provide non-verbal tests with global management norms.

The results? Our complete narrative reports with metrics equip our clients with the knowledge and data to confidently implement strategies that position the right leaders in the right places.

Call us or use our online inquiry form to learn more about how HM&M can impact your business success.

Why choose HM&M?

We define our success by our clients’ success and satisfaction. We strive to best serve our clients by consistently providing:

  • Accurate and predictive assessments clients count on to make critical people decisions. We are experts in identifying the A-players who will drive organizational success.
  • Business-based psychological perspectives for boutique organizations to large, multinational operations. Our experience spans the financial, manufacturing, utilities, insurance, education and service industries.
  • Insights that prevent miss-hires, and save money and time. Best-fit hires lead to less turnover, full return of on-boarding expenses, quicker assimilation and time to productivity, better employee satisfaction and more organizational success. The cost of a poor hire is estimated at up to five times the individual’s annual salary.
  • Reliable, straightforward and timely reports. Written reports can be turned around within 24 hours or as requested. Verbal feedback is available immediately following assessments in some cases.
  • Services that make international hiring and promotion decisions quicker, easier and less costly. HM&M’s in-depth assessments are offered for candidates worldwide via technologies like videoconferencing, teleconferencing and online testing, reducing the time and cost of travel.
  • A client-centric approach to business. With customized options, we provide flexible scheduling and a commitment to making the applicant’s experience as pleasant as possible.
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