HMM is a partnership of business psychologists who are catalysts for making sound people decisions that support business needs and culture, save time and money, and drive success.

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Client questions, HMM solutions

A specific need brings clients to HMM initially, but since our services build on one another, solutions to other situations are readily available – efficiently and economically. Here are a sample of questions frequently asked of our partners:


How can HMM assessments benefit my organization?

Assessments are used in four key areas:

  • hiring
  • promotion
  • succession planning
  • leadership development

Psychological assessments identify high-potential performers. They also equip decision-makers with information that can help them select individuals who fit best with the culture, values and objectives of their organizations. They identify key strengths and areas for growth to target developmental efforts. In addition, psychological assessment information can assist planners as they shape their culture with strong leadership and teams. Because we work with many companies in selection and development, we know what it takes to make strong choices.

Individuals seeking assistance in vocational preference, career mapping or the exploration of a new occupation find that psychological assessments can help develop immediate and long-range goals and action plans to maximize career performance and fulfillment.

How can leadership development and executive coaching impact my organization?

Through leadership development and executive coaching, talent management gets a boost with objective feedback that guides leaders to excel in new challenges. Tools including leadership assessment and 360-degree feedback surveys provide valuable insights and actionable strategies.

When can organizational consulting benefit my company?

With insights from HMM’s organizational development consulting, organizations find strategies that strengthen business. Services are especially valuable for accelerating goal achievement in mergers and acquisitions, family businesses, team performance management, succession planning and conflict resolution.

Can your assessments tell me if a person is right for a high-stress position?

Yes, fitness for duty evaluations help predict performance under stress for personnel and leaders in law enforcement, crisis control and other public safety positions requiring exceptional judgment and behavior.